8 BBQ Essentials Shouldn’t Be Left Behind

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Since the dawn of time, since when fire was discovered, man cooked food over the fire. Though he did not grill, he cooked meat over a fire and if that doesn’t sound like a barbeque I don’t know what does. The first food ever cooked was as a barbecue, no matter what anyone else tells you, so the essence of a barbecue is ingrained in human being and it tied to our history and culture. The great barbecue.


Now there are some rules to a barbecue, you can’t start a flame under a grill and throw some meat on it. There are some rituals, some learned skills that the meat cooker must know to perform the ancient art of cooking meat over a flame and today, as a rite of passage, we’ll share 8 barbecue essentials that shouldn’t be left behind:

1. Marinating Your Meat

Add a little flavor to your meat the night before and leave it be for the day. The “Kiss the cook” apron will sure work if you marinate your meat

2. Pre-Cook Meat

Precook your meat in the microwave oven so that it doesn’t have to spend so much time on the grill.

3. Handle Chicken Carefully

Don’t rinse chicken in the same water as other meats, with all the salmonella. Keep it refrigerated until it’s on the grill.

4. Clean the Grill

Burnt and charring residue should be cleaned off any chance you get. No one wants thrice cooked chicken stuck to their steak

5. Keep Your Grill’s Temperature Down

Keeping your grill at a controlled flame will cook the meat instead of burning it. A good juicy steak with just the grill marks on is delicious.

6. Serve Beer

If you’re among people who drink, beer is the perfect side to a warm juicy steak. (Warning: Don’t serve to children)

7. Ice-Cream!

Your mouths on fire after you dabbed your chicken with hot sauce for the seventh time. Ice-cream is a good dessert and certified mouth cooler.

8. Proper Utensils for Guests

If you’re serving tough steak, proper sturdy utensils should be served along with the food. A lot of barbecues resolve to plastic utensils, not only is that harmful to the environment (I say as I grill with an open fire outside) but will constantly break and will have to be replaced over and over.


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