Has Covid-19 changed the business at your Local Butcher Shop?

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This year you must have read a lot of news articles on how there are meat shortages around the world, coronavirus outbreaks at plants, factories and among their workers. While such news can scare anyone to purchase meat and even cut down meat altogether, it is really not applicable to local butchers’ shops. This is because, these news articles are relevant only to industrial scale butcher shops and grocery stores where the meat goes through a number of middle men and results in a huge tonne of meat being produced irrespective of the demand.

Local Butcher Shops

Local butcher shops have not been at the brunt of Covid-19 because of the wise choices’ butchers have made even before the pandemic struck. The local butchers know that if the meat supply chain is short and familiar, it is very less likely to be contaminated. The local butchers have followed this simple rule since time immemorial

When they buy from smaller suppliers, they get the benefit of procuring the meat that is in demand, that is healthiest and gives them liberty to personally overlook the logistics too as compared to a rigorous and standard procedure followed at big meat shops.

Buying from small family ranches, minimalistic yet effective packaging and safe delivery – all these steps enable the local butchers to provide safe meat to their customers. Most ranches they work with operate on a very small scale and are family operations generally. They know them personally and care for them as individuals. They might have multiple producers for each kind of meat, but all of them are mostly just small-scale family ranches.

So, here’s what has really changed at local butcher shops post the pandemic:

Higher level of hygiene

Suppose a butcher maintained and cleaned his entire shop on a daily basis. They can be found sanitizing the shop twice a day now with high level hygiene equipment. Local butchers are going an extra mile to maintain A level cleanliness in their premises.

Packaging Safely

Butchers’ have upgraded their packaging material. They opt only for safe and durable packing amid the coronavirus. They don’t mind spending an extra buck to keep the packaging secure for their customers. The packaging material is also brought from a trusted supplier.

Safety Protocols

The staff is mandated to wear proper masks and gloves in accordance to the regulations. Keeping a safe distance from each other is mandatory. Avoiding direct contact with any customer or any other staff member is necessary. You would find sanitization stations at the entry and exit of every reputable butchers’ shops. This is a precaution for the safety of their customers and staff.

Customer Safety

One thing that has changed is that you will never find a butcher’s shop crowded anymore. This is not because of less demand or supply, but because crowds can’t enter the butchers’ shops like they used to. Most of the local butchers’ shops have been allowing only 3-5 people at one time, to follow the pandemic guidelines. They have chalked out circles and lines to help customers keep a safe distance from each other.

You can buy fearlessly from the local butcher, because they care for the safety of meat and don’t follow the standard prolonged industrial route. And if you are looking for any butchering equipment, you can always turn to the Brennan Group to offer you the best in the market.


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