4 Ways To Tenderize Your Meat This Christmas

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The festive season is upon us and there’s a lot of excitement to host lavish Christmas feasts for loved ones. And what’s a Christmas feast without a generous spread of delicious meat, right?  If you are among people buying a variety of meat to cook, are you making sure the meat is tenderized well before cooking? To get the delicious taste out, it is important that the meat is tenderized.  You can use some interesting tools and techniques to tenderize the meat. 

meat tenderise

 Here are some of the ways to do that:

Mallet Pounding

Any kind of meat, any cut of meat can be pounded to create a thinner and flatter cut of the meat. A thinner cut of meat is always preferred because it is way easier to cook and also gets evenly cooked within a short time. Pounding the meat with a hammer does nothing major except breaking down the protein strands in the meat. This creates shorter protein strands which result in a tender cut of meat. Mallet pounding is an easy technique to tenderize meat and does not require much experience to perform.

Jaccard Tenderizer

This tenderizer from Jaccard, tenderizes meat in a unique way. It presses rows after rows of sharp needles which punctures the meat. This severs the connective tissue of the meat and helps the meat absorb the marinades you marinate it with.  This amazing tenderizer is the best to tenderize most types of meat but doesn’t necessarily work well with slow-cooked meats.

meat tenderiser


Braising is the perfect way to tenderize tougher cuts of meat. They might have fat attached to them much like various kinds of beef. So, what exactly is braising?

Braising involves submerging the meat in a flavorful liquid and cooking it at a moderate temperature (between sixty to eighty degrees Celsius) This process is extremely beneficial because it enables the fat of meat to melt and release its flavorsome juices. Additionally, the muscle fibers moisten up and don’t dry up or bunch together while cooking. Braising is not recommended for lean meat.


Marinating will not only add a unique zing to the meat but also tenderize the meat, especially tougher meat like goats and lambs. Marinades that are acidic in nature like wine, wine vinegar, lemon juice can tenderize a variety of meat cuts.

Some other marinades you can use:

  •         Buttermilk
  •         Sour Cream
  •         Yogurt

You can buy a variety of marinades to tenderize your meat and make it appetizing. Marinades work best when the meat is soaked in them for hours before cooking, but make sure it is not left for extra-long time, as it can make the meat mushy.  Marinades work best on the lean and small cuts of meat.

You can also use fruits to tenderize the meat. Raw fruits like pineapple, kiwi and paw-paw act on raw meat in order to tenderize the meat. You can simply mash the fruit and spread it on the meat. These raw fruits contain proteins that act on raw meat and tenderize it.  

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