3 Types of Basic Meat Processing Equipment necessary at a Butchery

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Butcher KnivesSetting out to open a butchery but confused about what you must buy to start it off? There are several types of tools that you need to possess. Among them the major ones are:

  • Meat Processing Tools
  • Storage Essentials
  • Sharpening Steels & Stones

In this post, we will elaborate the basic meat processing tools you require even at the simplest butchery.

1. Knives

There’s a vast collection of knives available for cutting meat – but there are some knives that are absolutely a MUST-HAVE.  Which are these knives?

  • Chef’s Knife

It is generally used to trim larger cuts or for portion cutting. It can be utilised for chopping and mincing too. Usually has a size between 8 to 10 inches.

  • Scimitar

It has a curved edge and hence is not suitable for chopping and mincing. On the other hand, it can be used for a smooth trim of larger meat cuts and portion cutting of cubes, stew, cutlets and steak. It is available in 10 to 16 inches length.

  • Slicer

It is available in 3 different types of models – flexible, semi-flexible and stiff. It has a straight edge and is thinner than the chef’s knife and is best used for trimming large cuts and also portion cutting.

  • Boning Knife

It ranges in length from 5 to 6 inches and has a variety of flexes. It can be very stiff to very flexible. Choosing a knife with proper texture on the handle can be helpful to reduce the slippage from hands. If you are primarily looking for general meat cutting, it is possible with a semi-flexible boning knife.  The blades of this knife are available in straight and angled types.

  • Clam Knife

It is the perfect knife for when you have to scrape the membranes off the bones of the meat. Usually handy when you need to french racks of veal or lamb.

  • Meat Cleaver

A meat cleaver is primarily used for a variety of weights and sizes of meat and has a rectangular blade. Used for cutting chops, it needs to be used on a butcher’s block and not cutting boards as it can cause significant damage to the cutting boards.

2. Handsaws & Bandsaws

Cutting the bone structure is quite a challenge and can be effectively done by a good quality handsaw. The saw should be appropriate for Food Industry. On the contrary, a bandsaw is perfect for the fabrication of a number of cuts such as stews, bone-in roasts, bone-in steaks etc.

Bandsaws might be more expensive as compared to handsaws. Caution is extremely necessary when using either of the saws. Cleaning and maintenance of the saws is essential too.

3. Meat grinder

Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are used to decrease the time required to grind a large quantity of meat. These grinders are of great utility for home as well as butcheries. There are various types of grinders available including tabletop or floor models that vary depending on the horsepower offered. Grinders have a variety of attachments for the type of grinding required on the meat.

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