The Brennan Group are proud distributor for Northpack packaging films and pouches in Ireland and would like to introduce you to their range. We have been selling food packaging in Ireland for the last 30 years and feel that Northpack offer unrivalled quality and range of products.

Northpack is a well-known company founded in 2003, specialising in producing top-quality vacuum packaging films and pouches. Using the highest-level technology, they are greatly proud to supply their clients with a wide range of innovative products which are sufficient for different temperature treatments like – cooking, baking, or roasting up to 220 degrees Celsius.

It is essential that production process meets environmental protection requirements based on the ISO 9001 standard, while maintaining the highest quality of finished product.

OPTIbake - Cook in Oven Pouches

OPTIbake vacuum pouches are a new product to the Irish market. These bags have revolutionise the preparation of oven ready meats and veg.

They are very easy to use and can be frozen or refrigerated once vacuum packed.

When the customer is ready to cook they simply place the packed product into the oven for the recommended time and temperature.

The taste and quality will remain in the package during the cooking process therefore the meat will remain tender and juicy.

Once a certain temperature is reached the bag will open and the browning process will start.

When the product is cooked the bag can be easily opened once out of the oven.

OPTIpouch – 3 Side Seal Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum packing is still one of the most effective way of preserving food. It will increase the shelf life of a product and reduce the loss of moisture and frostbite.

Our vacuum bags are ideal for vacuum packaging of fresh or processed meat, fish, dairy products, fruits & vegetables and are also suitable for non-food applications like pharmaceutical packaging or industrial products. Nortpack can produce pouches in several different colours and sizes while pouches are available in microns ranging from 65mu to 200mu.

We would recommend 70-micron pouches for use in butcher shops, supermarkets, and restaurants.

For fruit and veg wholesalers a heavier bag would suit better anything between 90 to 120 microns.

OPTIshrink – Shrink Pouches

Shrink pouches or bags, as they are commonly known as, are made from a 9-layer EVOH based high barrier material.

This advanced technology barrier protects against oxygen and other gasses which therefore gives the product a superior shelf life.

They have a shrinking rate of up to 50% and makes every packaged product visually appealing.

OPTIshrink 45 is suitable for fresh and processed meat without bones, sausages, and cheese.

OPTIshrink 75 is suitable for meats and cheeses with sharp edges and for anyone exporting their products.

Our full range of food packaging products are available to order on our website and you can also avail of free delivery on orders over €50.00.

You can also contact Paul at 087-7388047 or if you have any other question regarding any of our products.