Ergo Easy Steel Knife Sharpener

Ergo Click-Clack Knife Sharpener.

Leading brand of kitchen utensil sharpening.

Get the perfect knife edge in seconds.

Easy to mount onto a kitchen bench or worktop.

Aligns both sides of the knife simultaneously and prolongs the life of the knife.

Simple to clean and maintain.


Product Description

Ergo Click-Clack Knife Sharpener

Get the perfect knife edge in seconds with this simple yet effective sharpener by Ergo.
Ergo are the leaders when it comes to sharpening your knives for your kitchen or butchers.


  • Aligns Both Sides of the Knife Simultaneously.
  • Prolongs the life of kitchen knives.
  • The Click-Clack sharpener can be easily mounted to a bench or stainless steel worktop.
  • Easy to clean and to maintain with spring mechanism.


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